Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flip Video Fun

We recently got a new flip video camera and took some fun clips of Lincoln.  So, enjoy...

Lincoln, pretending to be asleep.  Listen closely for the snoring sounds.


Singing, until, of course he notices the camera.


Showing us his nose.



And, finally, giving kisses.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Been a While...

...since we updated this blog. So, I thought, at the very least I would post some recent pictures of Lincoln. This way, those who care can see how big he is getting.

Lincoln runs everywhere...

He runs to you...

He runs away from you ...

Sometimes he stops to check things out.

Or to tell you something....

He is very inquisitive and is really starting the jabber. Some of the words one can recognize are: mom, dad, CAR (he LOVES cars), juice, shoes (sometimes indistinguishable from juice), Mater, snack, milk, ball, button, sock, and I'm sure there are more. He likes to dance around and is pretty good at it (we'll get some video posted). He is so much fun. We could talk about him forever and think he's the best kid ever.

**I should add that these pictures were taken by a friend of Kelli's who is an amateur photographer. She does a great job. People local to the Huntsville area should check her out.