Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yesterday and Tomorrow

Yesterday - Lincoln took his first step.
Tomorrow - Lincoln turns 1.

Where has the time gone?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I don't think I've mentioned on this blog that I started another blog as well. It's more dedicated to craftiness (sewing, quilting, decor, clothing, whatever) than this one. Despite some posts, I do try to keep this blog more about our family (and by "our family," I mean "Lincoln") than about me and my hobbies. I mention this because I get a LOT more hits on this blog than the other one, and I'd appreciate if some of you with crafty inclinations would blog-walk on over and give me some feedback (here or there or an email. whatever.). I'm still getting a feel for it, and trying to balance the crafting with the family and the full-time job, but I'd love some feedback on things you might like to see over there and any hints for how I might be able to break that blog out into the bigger crafty blogosphere. I really do appreciate you reading my ramblings - I feel so loved when I get comments. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green Kitchen Soap

Am I the only person in the world who likes to coordinate their kitchen soaps with their color scheme? I don't think so. Am I the only person who has a green kitchen? Again, I don't think so. And I LOVED the green tropical passionfruit soap from Bath and Body Works. Past tense. LovED. Because now it's pink.
And I love pink (weird since I had a love/hate relationship with it until I found out I was preggo with a boy), but I don't want to start over on a pink kitchen. So now I have to start over on finding a kitchen soap I can love. I've tried all the other green B&BW soaps, too. If I'd only been warned, I could have stocked up.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I love boots, but I have a tough time finding the right pair and then figuring out how to wear them correctly. Lately, inspired by my trip to Utah for Christmas and the realization that boots are SO in, I've been looking for a black pair. I scored these beauties on Saturday. (Which cost just about as much as I saved with my first major foray into couponing. Does buying them defeat the purpose? No, I think that IS the purpose.) The big question, though - what to wear them with? Jean skirt and jersey shirt? Black skirt and button-down? It's just too much. Thoughts?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I ALWAYS jump on the bandwagon late. This was true for capris, those large pearl necklaces with a satin lace tie in the back, pilates, blogging, and a whole host of other things. It's advantageous because things are cheaper then, but it means I'm constantly behind-the-times. I'm ok with that, though. (Side note: ironically, sometimes I jump on first and start the trend, but never get credit. I'm not bitter. But vinyl, for instance? I was in the first wave, promise. Due in part (or entirely) to a Christmas present from my BFF in Auburn. Oh, and the random coloring-strands-of-your-hair-with-highlighters back in the seventh grade? All me.)
But back to the topic at hand.
Everyone's blogging about couponing these days. I tried SEVERAL times a few years ago, and it never seemed to work. I kid you not. They'd forget to scan the coupons or some other bizarre occurrence, and I was left to either be That Customer, or say no prob and try another day. I figured 3 times meant it wasn't for me. But now I've decided to try again. I've had luck with coupons for baby formula and the target coupons, so maybe the stars have aligned better for me now.
So, the point. I know there are TONS of sites where you can go print coupons, and I'm wondering what your favorites are? I want to have that feeling of success of spending only $70 for $200 worth of groceries. And so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Late. Again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I love seeing Lincoln explore and discover the world. Who but a child gets such joy from drinking out of a cup? And spilling water on himself (and the rug) while doing it?

Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 North Alabama Start! Heart Walk

We're signing up to walk in the 2010 North Alabama Start! Heart Walk on February 20, 2010. Tyler's sister Angela organized a team to support her father-in-law, who has had 2 heart attacks in recent months. We think this is a great cause to support, and we would appreciate any donations you could make to the American Heart Association for this walk. This link takes you to Kelli's donations page, and we'll add a link to Tyler's later.
On a side note, I sent out a bulk email with this link and got a lot of "undeliverable" messages. A good bulk email once in a blue moon is very effective for updating one's contact list...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Easy Pumpkin Muffins

I had a spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin, so I tried this super easy recipe the other night. They were SO good! Now this whole week I've been wishing the weather was better, so I could brave the store and buy more to make another batch or two (or three...).

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diet Mt. Dew

Here's a fun story for you of how Diet Mt. Dew brought Tyler and I together. We officially "met" at a young adult conference here in Huntsville. We were introduced at the dance on Friday night, we both went with the group going to Waffle House afterward because the other one was going. I got there late and ended up sitting at the end of the table with my knee pressed against Tyler's. I was twitterpated shortly thereafter. Moving on.
We had shown up for the classes Saturday morning and kind of gravitated toward each other, but we didn't really know each other too well yet and therefor didn't want to assume anything. When we broke for lunch, my friends and I got there first and Tyler was a few people behind us in line. We went through and I got some Diet Mt. Dew (note: this is slightly unusual at an LDS function. I was grateful.). We were sitting down by the time Tyler went through the line, and like I said, we were still getting to know each other. So, Tyler said he was going to just bring the 2-liter bottle of Diet Mt. Dew to his seat (I'm not sure how it was possible for this conversation to be casual, but trust me, it was), and I said that he was only allowed to do that if he came and sat by me.
That's right, friends. I was a brazen hussy. But Diet Mt. Dew provided the means, and I tell you all this story to illustrate just how fundamental Diet Mt. Dew is to our relationship and to justify the following picture.

He comes by it honestly. Mom and Dad (Me! and Tyler! How are WE Mom and Dad?) drink these ALL THE TIME. They must be good. (The can is empty. We're not total loons.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

ONE New Year's Resolution

You read right, my friends. Tyler and I decided to make ONE new year's resolution. We're going to drink 8 glasses of water a day. That's it. That's the resolution.
But, I've decided to play a game as well. Steph over at Somewhat Simple has created the Feeling Fabulous Challenge. I have no illusions that I'll win, but I like that there are identifiable activities I can do each day for which I can award myself points for the week. I might even go buy some gold stickers. One of the goals she lists is "no sweets, soda, or fast food." I just drew a line straight through that. No way I'm even trying. But "drink 64 ounces of water"? That was my new year's resolution! I'll rock it! "No TV"? Probably another line. But "finish a craft..."? Now she's talking my language. Check it out and play with me if you'd like.
I've decided that this year I'm just going to try to establish better habits. Hence only one defined goal. "Exercise more" is too ephemeral. But "get a point for each day you exercise for 30 minutes"? That I can visualize.