Saturday, April 5, 2008

Never Say Never

Growing up, I heard the oft-repeated phrase, "never say never" and in fact said it a time or three myself. The last year has been of year of those "nevers" coming back to bite us. Just a few of the things we made fun of people for doing (or at least vowed never to do ourselves) which we've done in the past 9 months:
1. Get engaged within a month of starting to date. That's right folks, we did it. And a month is pretty generous. You have to start counting from our first date, NOT our first kiss or any other signs of exclusivity, for it to approach a full month. We try to excuse this action with the fact that we'd been single and of dating age for over ten years, so we knew what we wanted. Yet the fact is, we knew it was right. Don't worry, you can mock, we won't take it personally; we laugh at ourselves. And we still laugh at others a little, too.
2. Get married over the Christmas break. It's true, our anniversary is December 21. I was horrified, but it's just the way the cookie crumbled. We're OUT of school, and yet our anniversary will forever mark a school break. That piece of humble pie was bitter, let me tell you.
3. We're watching American Idol this season. Oh, that's right. American Idol. We CARE who goes home. We CARE how they do. It all started with a girl from Huntsville, and then we found out there were two LDS contestants in the final 12. We decided to see how they did one night, and that, my friends, was the beginning of the end.
4. Beginning of the end, because, don't worry, we are watching not one but TWO reality shows this season. Here Come the Newlyweds is hilarious. We watch it on Sunday nights. I guarantee it would not be nearly as funny if we were still single. But here we are. Eating our words.


Leserlee said...

That dating and engaged one came and bit me in the butt too. But I'd known Carl for three years, so that's okay, right? And it all went down for us in a month and a half, from dating to wedding.

Kelli said...

I just saw your comment. Yeah, I think you're ok. I think knowing him for three years puts you behind us for the cliche mormon courtship.