Monday, August 10, 2009

Fish Out of Water

Here are some videos of Lincoln "air swimming" and jabbering, both of which he has started to do with more frequency. FYI, Lincoln has reached the 19-pound mark. He is getting super big!




Pants said...

I think your baby is super cute

Cabra Clan said...

so cute!!

Ashley said...

Kelli, Link really is cute! Ellie is 13 months old and she just reached 19 lbs >.< She is still wearing clothing for 9 month olds lol

Shapiro said...

He is darling you guys. I love the street sign pic you will put in his room... how cute! And I hated reading about Jamie... that is so scary. That picture she posted makes it look extremely painful and awful. We hope her vision comes to full recovery and we hope you guys are well in Alabamer! Love you!