Thursday, February 18, 2010

Felt House-A-Long

If you follow my other blog, you may have seen that I'm participating in the Felt House-A-Long that Fireflies and Jellybeans is hosting. We're just starting week 1 (so if you want to do this with me, jump on the bandwagon!) which is Planning and Supplies. She has a great list of inspiration, but after starting my "sketches," I'm kind of at a loss. I'm wanting to do something fairly gender neutral so that any future female siblings aren't left out of the fun. Which means I want it to be easily modified, as well. For instance, I like the idea of window boxes, but right now they'll just have greenery - maybe later I'll add flowers.

So I've gotten this far, and now I'm stumped. It's kind of blah. Click on the image to see it enlarged if you need. Do you guys have any thoughts or advice? We're brainstorming here - no bad ideas. I don't know that I like having the SAME window on both sides, but I do like the idea of windows. I'll probably make fruit for the tree - It's just not on the sketch. And don't worry, the "leaves" on the tree will look MUCH better.

Does the portico over the front door look like a portico or just some random shape? Circular window on the front of the house - yes or no? One of the inspiration houses had a cute half-circle window in the door, so maybe a window in the door would be better? The back is BORING - what could I add that would reasonably be on a house? What else could I put on the sides? Does the grass look like it could be grass, or should I try for bushes or something?

I'm not wanting to make something super-intricate, so some general ideas to get the creative juices flowing would be MUCH appreciated.


Tubathespian said...

Tree - Fruit. Yes.
Window boxes - Flowers you can snap on or something. Yes.
Circle window - I love it.
Door - "Williams House" something or other. Or a wreath. Or a W. or an L. Some kind of decoration?
Mail slot - I'm not in love with it.
Back of the house - hose and faucet? Dog?
Windows on the sides - people inside?

That is all.

Kelli said...

Thank you! Hose and Faucet! Brilliant! Lincoln LOVES ropes and cords. Something he could unwind and wind would be perfect!
Also you reminded me I wanted to do house numbers. I was thinking 1207 (the month and year we got married). I considered 128 (his birthday), but then the next kids kind of get shafted.
Thanks for the feedback!!

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

I like the circle window on the front. Just last night, hubby and I took a rather large cardboard box and did practially the same thing. The girls LOVE it! We put a window with lites in the back. It doesn't open like the sides do, but it allows light, and isn't quite so boring, or structurally bad :)

Mrs. Olsen said...

Well, the other ideas seem much better, but maybe a "glass" patio door or a chimney? I think this is such a cute idea!

Kelli said...

I am SO glad I asked you all for help! I love the idea of a light in the back and a patio door. And a chimney would be just to die for! Thanks, girls!

Leserlee said...

I saw one with a garden on the back. With remove food. So cute! The mail slot does need some work, but maybe in the picture you were showing it open? Because other wise I don't know that I've ever seen a trapeziod shaped mail slot. And maybe a different color. Or, if you are going to stick with gray, add some sort of architectural detailing, like the bricks on one of the other houses, or something. I think the grass is fine. And yes, fruit on the tree. You could make it a fruit cocktail tree. :)

Kelli said...

You're right, would a rectangular mail slot be better? And not white. It was just a space filler, really.
I do want to stick with gray, mostly cause I already bought the felt. :) I like the detailing idea, though.
I LOVED the garden idea, but I don't have the energy for anything that involved. A fruit tree will have to do. :)
I'm making changes as they come in, so tomorrow I'll post a new-updated version!

Natalie said...

I think a hexagonal window would be cool on one side. Do different types of shapes. You've got a circle, a square, and something else...

A hobbit door would be awesome, circular instead of the regular old rectangle. Little kids are kind of like hobbits right?

You could do some removable bricks, to add texture, and maybe make them different colors, to add more pizazz. Simple flowers that could Velcro on and off.

I think what would be neat around christmas would be to have the bricks be interchanged to candy, to be like a ginger bread house.

I like your idea for your anniversary be the house number. You could also have an Est. 2007 over the mail box. So it would be your anniversary + year.

Where did you buy felt by the yard at?

Kelli said...

Natalie, such cute ideas! I LOVE the idea of a Hobbit door! Now I just need to see if I can make it happen. And I was planning velcro flowers and apples, but velcro bricks (possibly for the chimney? and elsewhere) would be so fab. And seasonal velcro? Brilliant!
You can get felt by the yard at both Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics here in town. I'm not sure about the difference in quality, but I'm pretty sure it's quite a bit cheaper at Hancocks (like, half as much?). They have a decent selection of basic colors, but not a huge assortment. And they are on a wide bolt, I think it's 72" wide, but I'm not positive.
Thanks again, everyone, for your input! I'm so glad I asked because you guys really came through with the creativity. I'll post my updated sketch today or tomorrow! (Possibly on my other blog as my post for the house-a-long, so be sure to check there, too.)

Kelli said...

I put up the official "plan" on my other blog. Thanks for everyone's suggestions!! I really appreciated you guys taking the time to give it some thought and brainstorm with me. I feel loved.