Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Update: Mason and Kelli are both doing well. Kelli's doctor let her go off the mag a little early and she is doing much better. She is able to eat again and is up and walking around. Best of all, she has been able to go up and see Mason. We have been together three times today. He is doing well. He is breathing on his own and seems to be doing a good job regulating his temperature. They have moved him to an isolet - a step between the first get-up he was in and an open crib. He is also eating pretty well. We have been able to give him a bottle twice and he guzzles it down. We hope that he will be able to get the IV out soon as a result. He also really likes the pacifier, which is one difference with his older brother. However, they look very much alike.

Thanks to all who have offered prayers and well wishes. We are so grateful that Kelli is on the mend and that Mason is doing so well. Our hearts break and sympathies go out to the parents of the babies in the NICU who are not doing as well.

Now for the fun part. Video of the first bottle Kelli got to give Mason.


Erin Noel said...

He's beautiful! I'm so glad that both Mason and Kelli are doing well. Congrats!

Ashley said...

He is absolutely adorable!! And I agree...he looks a TON like Lincoln!! Congrats! Praying for a quick move home!

Shirlene said...

this is so sweet! thanks for sharing. also, I'm ready for another update. :)