Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whatever on Wednesday

1.  Mason loves the camera.  Gets very excited when it's pointed at him.

2.  We were planning to fly to Boston over the long Memorial Day weekend to visit my parents, but the day before we were supposed to leave, Mason spiked a fever that turned out to be the result of an ear infection.  Even if I was willing to risk getting lynched for flying with a screaming infant, I wasn't willing to put him in that much pain.  But, on the bright side, we've tentatively rescheduled our trip for Labor Day weekend.  (This may or may not be the first my parents are hearing about that.)

3.  Lincoln rarely takes naps on the weekend, so I was not surprised when I went in to check on him on Saturday and he wasn't in his bed.  I was suprised, however, when I finally located him here:

4.  We had a pool party on Friday night, and this kid is fearless.  It's a good thing we're starting swimming lessons next week.

5.  I hunted down a monster truck book on Amazon that has a list of the Monster Jam cars.  Don't ask.  Lincoln's obsessed.  My efforts were worth it when he had to bring the book to Gramma and Papa's and then show it to his cousins.  My SIL dubbed these three The Three Muskateers, and it's pretty accurate.  It's fun to watch them play together.

6.  Seriously, though.  How cute is this?

7.  I don't even know where he learned to eat fruit that way - we always cut his apples.  But he actually finished most of that peach.

8.  In other news (sorry, no more pictures), Tyler has a new calling!  Elder's Quorum President.  He's still getting his feet wet, but I know he'll do a great job.

9.  Lincoln's started claiming that inanimate objects or people not present are talking.  And sometimes he does the voice.  He gets this from Tyler.  Here's an example:  Mom, can I take that coin inside?  It's saying (switches to high pitch), "Mommy, please take me inside!"

10.  We've started the big push to have Mason sleep in the boys' room.  He's been in the pack 'n play in the office since he left the bassinet in our room.  We wanted to get him sleeping through the night.  But we've given up on that.  We also wanted Lincoln to start going to sleep before 10, but we've given up on that as well.  So now we get to listen to them giggle between 8 and 9 and go in and hush them several times.  Confession: I love to hear them laugh together, so I'm not too broken up about it.  Yet.

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Dawn, said...

When Savannah and Christian were 2 and 3, they had separate bedrooms but shared a common wall between the bedrooms. Each and every night we could hear them talking to each other 'through' that wall. And each and every night we had to go in after they had fallen asleep in the floor, next to that wall, and put them in their beds for the night. So sweet!