Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I got out of the habit of doing a Ten on Tuesday post here when I started doing Ten-Pin Tuesdays on my craft blog, and that needs to change, so here we are.

2. Mason turned 1 at the end of August!  And then the day before he hit 13 months he started to crawl on his knees instead of pushing with a foot and pulling with his hands.  Go figure. 

3. We finally ordered that new jogging stroller, and we've done two long runs with it so far.  The 4-miler was a wake-up call that pushing a jogging stroller changes the game significantly, so we were pretty happy just to finish our 5 miles this past weekend.

4. Lincoln has started saying that he wants to do things "all day."  For instance, "I want to watch Spider-man all day" or "I want to eat little pop-tarts all day."

5. As I cut Mason's chicken nuggets at dinner last night, he looked up at me and sweetly said, "yay-yoo."  Which I'm pretty sure translates to "thank you."

6. Tyler and I want the family to be the Avengers for Halloween, so we introduced Lincoln to some of the superhero cartoons, and we've created a monster!  He's officially obsessed. 


7. Mason LOVES the bath.

8. I'm almost caught up on my Project Life album, and I've posted the first 20 weeks of the year on my craft blog.

9. We visited my parents in Boston last month!  Pictures might be posted one day.

10. Lincoln loves taking pictures.  He took these shots (and MANY more) before church a few weeks ago.


Marius C. said...

Ce familie frumoasa.

Marius (Elder Ciuca Marius)

Tyler said...

Mersi frumos.

Simple Magic said...

:) Thanks for the up date. I think your kids are so cute. Jake and I want to play with mason and Lincoln "all day".

Simple Magic said...

Ha ha, yeah, it's okay though, everyone was still surprised. We're really excited.