Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digy and Bottles

Lincoln is a prodigy. He rolled over by 2 weeks. He CLEARLY said Mommy at 5 weeks. Basically, we've got a Carl Sagan on our hands. Mom decided to nickname him "Digy" while she was out here. Short for prodigy. She and Tyler thought it was a great, and I wasn't so keen on it, so part of the fun for everyone was when they would call him Digy, and I would cringe dramatically. (Confession - people think it's super easy to push my buttons, and sometimes it is, but most of the time I just give them the reaction they want because then everyone's happy.)
I have every intention of posting some recent pictures of our sweet little prodigy. Until then, check out the links on the side to the facebook albums; I think that's where we'll post most pictures. Let me know if the links don't work. You should be able to see them even if you don't have a facebook account.
Has anyone had success with any brand of hands-free bottle? I was super keen on the idea (seriously, my goal was to have him holding his bottle by himself by 2 months. We have 5 days.), so I ordered one of these. Sadly, it didn't work as advertised. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Anyone else used one? Have some advice?


nawlinsmama said...

It's Shannon from BonnyBabies.com.
Sorry to hear that you have had trouble with the Podee hands free bottle. Perhaps you have not put the bottle together properly? Everything has to be screwed on very tight. I have successfully used these bottles with my children for many years as have thousands of others which is why they are so popular. You cannot judge these bottles overnight. Just as there is a learning curve with breastfeeding(I nursed my 3 children as well),there are also things to learn with a new bottle system. The Podee bottles could make an incredibly positive impact on your life and that of your little Lincoln. (great name BTW)I can imagine that you must be frustrated thinking that the bottle doesn't work, however, you really owe it to yourself to try them for a week or two so you can find out the great benefits of the Podee system. I am going to post some some Podee Tips that may be helpful. Once you understand how the bottles work you will see how easy they are to use and how great they are for babies & parents. I hope this helps. Please drop me an email at bonnybabies@cableone.net or call toll free 1-877-6-BABIES (1-877-622-2437)with any questions.
Good Luck,

nawlinsmama said...


Please remember that every baby is unique. If your baby doesn’t take to the Podee right away, please be patient and continue to offer the Podee to you baby several times a day. Some babies take longer then others to get adjusted to a new type of bottle, but with a little patience & persistence they will become proficient in no time. Also for a smooth transition, make sure that the size and material of the Podee nipple you are using is as similar as possible to what they are used to using( small or large, silicone or latex).

IMPORTANT: If the liquid in the bottle does not come to the top of the tube or if it comes up but falls right back down then something is not attached properly. Make sure the tubes are fully attached and that everything is screwed on tightly, especially the adapter. Also, do not use any juice containing pulp, carbonated beverages, or overly thick liquids such as yogurt drinks or smoothies

IMPORTANT: Before feeding your baby, prime the nipple by squeezing the bottom of the nipple with your thumb & forefinger until the liquid comes up to the top of the tube and squirts out of the nipple. This will activate the special siphoning action used in the Podee system and eliminate excess air from getting into baby’s tummy.

All the parts of the bottle can be sterilized in boiling water EXCEPT the tubing. Please use the enclosed cleaning brush with hot soapy water for proper cleaning.

For proper functioning, please use only genuine Podee parts & nipples with the Podee feeding system

If you are weaning your baby from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding this bottle is the perfect tool. Simply place the nipple of the bottle close to your body and let the bottle rest at your side. Your baby is able to be as close to you as when nursing and you are able to hold your baby close in both arms.

This bottle can be a huge help to mothers at times when you are unable to sit down and feed your child e.g. car rides, plane travel, feeding multiples. However, it is not meant as a substitution to holding your baby during feeding. This is very important to the bonding process between parent and child. In fact the bottle can be a great tool to help others bond with baby. The hands free system allows fathers, grandparents, caretakers, etc., to hold baby closer and with both hands similar to the feeling during nursing.

PODEE FAQ (from PODEE.COM website)

PODEE® FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. What is the appropriate age to start using the Podee® Baby Bottle?
The principal purpose in using the Podee® Baby Bottle is to help reduce colic, ear infections, and reflux. This is accomplished when the baby uses the bottle in an upright or semi-upright position. Hence, it is best to use this bottle when the baby is able to sit in an upright or semi-upright position.

2. How do we solve the flowing problem?
Make sure the bottom of the rubber nipple is sealed tightly between the adapter and the ring (collar) to prevent the air from getting into the tube and rubber nipple. When these parts are not sealed properly, air will get in the tube and rubber nipple which will cause flowing problem. Also, make sure the short tube is connected to the bottom of the disk that goes on top of the bottle, otherwise the system will not work

3. The bottle leaks when laid on its side. What can we do?
The air vent in the feeding system is designed to prevent a vacuum effect inside the bottle when the baby drinks. The system will not function properly without this vent. When the bottle is laid on its side, the liquid will slowly make its way through this vent and thus cause the leakage. As much as possible, keep the bottle in a vertical position to prevent the bottle from leaking. You can also use the "Gimme-A-Hug" Bottle Holder (available at our retailers) to keep the bottle in a vertical position.

4. Are other nipples of different brands compatible with Podee® bottle?
We strongly recommend using nipples made by PODEE®. Other brand nipples are designed to work only with ordinary baby feeding bottles while nipples made by Podee® are designed to work only with Podee® Baby Bottle. Using nipples other than Podee® brand will cause the Podee® Baby Bottle not to work properly.

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