Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't Be Fooled... the lack of new pictures of Lincoln into thinking we don't take TONS of pictures. The problem is that we both spend all day at the computer at work, so it's pretty much the last place we want to be when we get home. But I finally at least put the pictures ON the computer last night. Hopefully tonight I can tweak them and then post some new fun ones to facebook. Oooh, and maybe I'll wait until the weekend because Lincoln's 2-month checkup is tomorrow! I can't wait to see the official stats on how much he's grown, but I'm not much looking forward to shots. Are there shots at 2 months? Or do they wait until 4 months?

So speaking of pics, some of them are of him using the Podee I blogged about last. Shannon's comments were helpful, so I think we're making some progress with that bottle (1 oz. the night after I blogged, and 3 oz. last evening). It's just nice to hold him and cuddle with him and not have to worry about keeping the bottle in the right position. I think we'll get the hang of it.

And I've had Sophia back for going on 30 hours now, and she seems to be working perfectly. My next project is to either successfully fix the glove box (it IS just the catch on the handle, after all), or have to replace the WHOLE door. What a pain.

Does anyone know where the folks on HGtv are always coming up with these tile remnants for kitchen backsplashes that were $15/square foot, but because they're remnants, they were able to get them for $1/piece? Cause I SO want a tile backsplash in my kitchen, and there's not THAT much square footage, but I can't pay $15/square foot, that's for sure.


Leserlee said...

There are shots at two months. The first one with no shots is 9 months. And the tile remnants, check with a local tile retailer. They might have some boxes of discontinued styles/colors, that aren't really enough to do a big project. And maybe some contractors out there might have some. But usually they leave them with the house.

Kelli said...

Yeah, they actually called at 7 to postpone the appointment because they can't give him his two month shots until tomorrow. Murphy again. So hopefully they can get us in next week at a reasonable time.
I actually around to a few, and they acted like I was asking them the weirdest question. I think I'll continue to check craigslist and ask a contractor friend of mine. :)