Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

The bulbs I planted last fall are blooming! I feel like such a success. But is it possible I got dwarf daffodils? These things are tiny, and all the others in the neighborhood are large and gorgeous. Do they bloom later their first year?

No sign yet of the hostas and the other whatchacallit-flowers (I seriously can't remember the name), but I'll keep y'all posted. Cause I know you're dying for updates on our landscaping.

I'll post some cute pics of Lincoln soon, cause let's be honest, that's why y'all are here. We've got some good ones, trust me. We've also added a few on facebook, so check the albums More Lincoln, Lincoln 2010 vol.1, and the mobile uploads (which I'll add right now) on the side ----> and let me know if you can't access them. :)

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Leserlee said...

It could be that the neighbors have bigger bulbs, therefore it seems that the flowers would be bigger. Give them a few years and maybe they'll be larger. Maybe. As cute as your kid is, I'm more interested in your landscaping and house and craft projects. And Lincoln is cute, it's just that I have two of my own, so kids just don't do it for me the way that they used to. But landscaping, that's cool stuff!