Monday, June 6, 2011

Mid-year Update

With the year half over (almost), we thought it would be good to update those of our friends and family who read our blog. Kelli and Tyler are fine, so let's get to what's really important - the kids. That's right. I said kids.

Per our last post, we are expecting a new baby. We recently found out that we are having another BOY. We were kind of expecting a girl, so it's thrown us (particularly Tyler) for a bit of a loop. We have a name for a girl. We have no idea what to name this boy. Luckily, we have a few months to settle on one. We are excited and hope he's just like Lincoln. Because he's pretty great. And, besides, if we get two of those giant hamster wheels, we could probably power the house next time there's an outage.

Some pics from the ultrasound:

Lincoln used to throw his head back like that second picture. It's crazy how similar they already seem. Speaking of Lincoln:

Lincoln is growing up so fast. He will be two and a half next month. His language is exploding and he is learning his numbers and letters. He can count to 9 and amazes us every day with the things he has picked up. Some of our favorite things he does/says:

  • Anytime we leave his room at bedtime, he reaches out and says: "Wait, guys!" or "Wait, Ma!" or "Wait, Da!" or, my favorite, "Wait, Ma-Da!"

  • We have had colds recently and Kelli has had a cough. After one of her coughing spells, Lincoln called "Mom, you ok?"

  • Speaking of "ok," when Lincoln falls down, he almost always will hop up and say "I ok!"

  • Lincoln does not like to hold your hand. When you try (especially when he's trying to do something he shouldn't), he will jerk his hand away and say: "No! My hand!"
I'm sure that everyone thinks their kid is the cutest, but we just have a blast watching Lincoln grow and learn and say funny things.

We had another trip to the ER a couple Sundays ago. Lincoln had croup and was having a hard time breathing. He didn't like the breathing treatment they gave him at the hospital. He kept trying to take it off and would scream "I done! I done!" Poor kid. It helped though and he is doing much better. We did learn that, if you have to go to the ER, 7 am on a Sunday is the time to do it.

And some happier pictures. (We couldn't end with that one.)


Dawn, said...

Oh do I have a crush on that little linc. We've missed him so bad... glad he is feeling better. Congrats on Lincoln's little brother!

Mr and Mrs Smith and Co said...

He's a cute kid! And, I really like the hamster wheel idea!!! I should get me one (or three) of those! :)

Ioana said...

Tyler!!! I found this link on the mission website! You have such a nice family and congrats on boy #2! I have a blog too, but it's private. Send me your email to invite you (
Ioana (Geambasu)

Emily said...

Gavin had breathing problems at the same age and kept on wanting the breathing tubes taken out and would say, "Let's take break. A little break?"
So cute the things they come up with. This is my favorite age because of it.