Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - April 24

1.  Get out and VOTE.

2.  While you're there, go ahead and vote for Chris Messervy.

3.  In other news, Lincoln got to ride a horse for the first time this week!  He loved it!


4. Mason has been getting pretty enthusiastic about giving kisses lately.  Baby slobber is good for your skin, right?


5.  When Lincoln saw Mason "wrastling" with Dad, he wanted to join in.


6.  Sometimes Mason’s babbles sound like words.  Yesterday morning it sounded for all the world like he looked over at Tyler and said, “Hey!”

7.  A week or two ago, Lincoln was out in the backyard while I was making dinner, and when I went out to check on him, he walked up to me, crossed his arms, and announced: “I don’t like this backyard.”  

8.  So on Wednesday, we ordered a swingset. 

9.  Lincoln was such a big helper putting it together.

10.  And then he couldn't wait to try out that slide.

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