Sunday, January 3, 2010

ONE New Year's Resolution

You read right, my friends. Tyler and I decided to make ONE new year's resolution. We're going to drink 8 glasses of water a day. That's it. That's the resolution.
But, I've decided to play a game as well. Steph over at Somewhat Simple has created the Feeling Fabulous Challenge. I have no illusions that I'll win, but I like that there are identifiable activities I can do each day for which I can award myself points for the week. I might even go buy some gold stickers. One of the goals she lists is "no sweets, soda, or fast food." I just drew a line straight through that. No way I'm even trying. But "drink 64 ounces of water"? That was my new year's resolution! I'll rock it! "No TV"? Probably another line. But "finish a craft..."? Now she's talking my language. Check it out and play with me if you'd like.
I've decided that this year I'm just going to try to establish better habits. Hence only one defined goal. "Exercise more" is too ephemeral. But "get a point for each day you exercise for 30 minutes"? That I can visualize.

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