Sunday, January 24, 2010


I don't think I've mentioned on this blog that I started another blog as well. It's more dedicated to craftiness (sewing, quilting, decor, clothing, whatever) than this one. Despite some posts, I do try to keep this blog more about our family (and by "our family," I mean "Lincoln") than about me and my hobbies. I mention this because I get a LOT more hits on this blog than the other one, and I'd appreciate if some of you with crafty inclinations would blog-walk on over and give me some feedback (here or there or an email. whatever.). I'm still getting a feel for it, and trying to balance the crafting with the family and the full-time job, but I'd love some feedback on things you might like to see over there and any hints for how I might be able to break that blog out into the bigger crafty blogosphere. I really do appreciate you reading my ramblings - I feel so loved when I get comments. :)


Dawn, said...

I will SO blog-walk over there for a peak. PS - you looked today, gorgeous, gorgeous... the lipstick shade was to die for, giggle!

Mischell said...

Yes!!! You are soooo loved.

Kelli said...

I love feeling loved. Thanks for the reassurance. And Dawn, I'm so glad you like the lipstick shade. I admit, I love a nice bold lipstick every now and then but wonder if I just look silly. Yesterday, though, was all about drawing attention away from my wet-dog-hair. Which apparently worked. ;)