Wednesday, January 20, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I love boots, but I have a tough time finding the right pair and then figuring out how to wear them correctly. Lately, inspired by my trip to Utah for Christmas and the realization that boots are SO in, I've been looking for a black pair. I scored these beauties on Saturday. (Which cost just about as much as I saved with my first major foray into couponing. Does buying them defeat the purpose? No, I think that IS the purpose.) The big question, though - what to wear them with? Jean skirt and jersey shirt? Black skirt and button-down? It's just too much. Thoughts?


Leserlee said...

I wear them with lots of stuff. In fact, I wear them to church most Sundays. Mainly because the organist and I are both short, and my heels give me enough lift that she can see me over the top of the organ. But, to answer your question, I usually wear mine with a black skirt (I have two different ones, one above the knee, and one just below) and some shirt. Usually it's a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater. I'm not much of one for button-up shirts, because then I would have to iron them before wearing them. If I had a jean skirt, I would probably wear them with that too, but I don't.

Indecisive said...

I am also a fan of jeans. Skinny or boot cut, either looks cute with boots. :)

Good for you for buying boots. I'm determined that I need some soon.