Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Pictures

No Ten on Tuesday post this week.  But we do have some pictures.  First of all, we got family pictures taken on Saturday!  Thanks go to Dawn (and Shawn, of course, but we all know it's Dawn's project) for letting us use her farm, and to Kim Greenfield of A Green Field Photography.  If you're in the Huntsville area, I highly recommend her!  Here is the link to the pics that she's posted so far.  We can't wait to see the rest!

And now just some snapshots at home.

Tyler got Lincoln a Cars alphabet book.  This is how Lincoln "practices his letters":

Mason is SO close to being able to sit up on his own.  Last night, Tyler was helping him, and I managed to snap a picture.  He sat like that for almost a full minute.  Yay, Mason!


And now just some pictures of Tyler and I each with our two boy-children.  I love when Lincoln wants to climb up and sit with Mason.  He's so good at sharing a lap.  :)


Natalie said...

Soon he'll be crawling! I can't believe how big he's gotten!

tubathespian said...

Yeah... that's pretty much how my kids at school practice their letters too. :)