Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - Vote!

1.  If you're in Alabama, head to the polls!  It's no secret, but we'll be enthusiastically voting for Mitt.  And if you're local, we also support Mo Brooks and Chris Messervy.  Feel free to ask Tyler for all the details.

2.  Tyler replaced our garbage disposer this week.  What a handyman!  I was totally impressed.
3.  Last Thursday, Lincoln threw up while we were getting ready to head out the door, so I stayed home with the kids. I guess getting that out of his system made all the difference because 30 minutes later he was up and playing.  I wasn't too upset to spend some unplanned time with my boys.  And when Lincoln still had some tummy troubles on Friday, it turned into a 4-day-weekend!  No complaints here.

4.  Lincoln is such a great helper!  The other day, he was REALLY excited to help me feed Mason.  I love it.  In about 3 more months, I can just assign that to Lincoln permanently.  ;)

5.  Mason's stats at his 6-month check-up:  22.0 lbs, 27.5 in.  That puts him in the 95th for weight and the 80th for length. (charts)  He was 6 lb 10 oz and 18 in. when he was born (premature) 6 months ago.  We feel so blessed he's hale and hearty.

6.  On Sundays, we usually go over to Tyler's parents for dinner and then hang out for a little while.  As we were getting ready to leave, Tyler told Mason something that (as Tyler put it) if anyone tells him in HS, he'll be grounded for life: "Let's put your pants on and take you home."

7.  The boys are going to Tyler's sister's during the day this week.  Apparently Lincoln and his older cousin got into the mio, and for some reason, Lincoln wanted James to poor it down his back.  I'm not sure who's idea that was, but he was red from his shoulders to his bum.  Silly kids.

8.  Today Angela is loading the kids up and taking them to the train museum!  I hope she took a camera...

9.  For some reason, Lincoln has started putting his hands up by his face when he says cheese.  So the other day I took a picture of my boys all laying on the floor, and Tyler joined in the fun:

10.  Lincoln got a monster truck track for his birthday.  He LOVED it.  Apparently, Mason's a fan, too. 

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Natalie said...

Mason has some cute chubby legs! :)